MAAX Detox – Premium Detox and Healthy Aging


Discover one of the strongest natural cleansing minerals for detoxification and healthy aging!

MAAX Detox® is a highly effective mineral of volcanic origin that binds toxins inhaled through pollution or ingested with food, medication or cosmetics. It strongly absorbs heavy metals such as lead, mercury and cadmium as well as metabolic waste products like ammonium. In use, MAAX Detox® has two primary functions: Selective ion exchange and adsorption!

Selective ion exchange causes toxins found in the human body to be strongly attracted to the crystal lattice tubules, whereby the cations present in the tubule (Na+, Mg++, etc.) are preferentially attracted by the electric charges of body substances. Absorption binds the toxins in the crystal lattice system from MAAX Detox® and renders these harmless.

These are then expelled from the body in the stool. Within the context of the ion exchange, the SiO4 found in MAAX Detox® crystal lattice enters the human body and is transferred into colloidal SiO2, which is bio-available in this form. In this way, SiO2 is integrated into the process of protein synthesis (the creation of proteins) and contribute to cell and tissue regeneration.


MAAX Detox® has one of the highest ZETA potentials in comparison to other zeolites. This refers to a parameter for the electrokinetic potential and thereby for the level of activation of a particle in a suspension.

The higher the ZETA potential, the higher the bio-availability of the particle. When still, a suspension is electrically neutral with almost no biological effect. Through stirring, the positive charges are sheared off and the biological effect is activated.


Environmental pollutants (heavy metals, toxins and pesticides), stimulants,
medications, cosmetics, illnesses (e.g. cancer, diabetes mellitus) and many others factors lead to oxidative stress in the human body, i.e. a high concentration of free oxygen radicals.

Surplus free radicals can lead to an accelerated ageing process, gene damage, degenerative diseases and much more. MAAX Detox® normalises the antioxidant system and binds excess free radicals. It has taken over as one of the strongest antioxidants in the world, is 160 times more effective than vitamins C and E, per- forming a very important function in homeostasis, which is the maintenance of self regulation of the human organism. A reduction in free radicals leads to a reduction in the risk of disease or a delay in the progression of underlying illnesses.


Zeolites from other manufacturers increasingly lose potency through daily opening and the associated contamination from pollutants in the air. Plastic containers present the additional risk of contamination with toxic substances.

In contrast to this, MAAX Detox® is packed in individual sachets which sustains the potency of each daily dose effectively. The packaging is carried out in vacuum sealed and UV protected individual sachets using a special process.


We ingest toxic substances on a daily basis in our food, through breathing, in liquids, medications and cosmetics. This results in a process of „gradual contamination“. Detoxification involves „cleansing“ the body of toxic substances, e.g. heavy metals and toxins. The major advantage of MAAX Detox® in comparison with other detoxification treatments: Not only does it decontaminate, it also optimises self-regulation of the organism and the self-healing system by stimulating the immune system and the supply of important minerals.

By taking MAAX Detox® on a daily basis, not only is the human body cleansed of toxins. Through self-regulation, all functions and therefore all laboratory test results are also normalised.


Demineralisation (de- = to remove or reduce) is a permanent shift in the balance of minerals and, therefore, the electrolyte balance.

Demineralisation is a change, impairment or delay in the balance of elements (electrolyte balance). It is caused, for example, by an excess of so-called contaminant ions (lead, mercury, nitrate, nitrogen oxide etc.) taking up the space in which magnesium, potassium, calcium and other minerals should be docked to regulate the electrolyte balance.

This results in the systemic interaction between the individual elements being disrupted. Using the selective ion exchange of MAAX Detox®, which contains over 30 minerals, it is not just toxins which are bound and removed. Urgently required essential minerals are also supplied to the human body.

As a result, the mineral-electro-metabolism is normalised again. No other detox product in the world has this property.


The monthly package for inner application: The product should be ingested either 1/2 hour before the first or after the last meal. Once per day, one sachet is stirred into 200 mL of still water using a ceramic or plastic spoon and ingested in small quantities (20-25 mL) while being stirred continuously.

This is very important, as MAAX Detox® already begins to take effect in the oral mucosa. We recommend drinking 2-3 litres of water per day. The maximum daily dose of two sachets may not be exceeded. The product is also suitable for diabetics. Contraindications: People who have had organ transplants may not take this product.

This also applies for pregnant women and children under 16 years of age. There are no known side-effects. The product is lactose-free, gluten free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. It does not contain any allergenic substances, genetically modified organisms, hormones or pesticides.


We place special importance on our unique, airtight packaging process. This contributes significantly to the high quality and potency of MAAX Detox®.

With our special manufacturing process, clinoptilolite-zeolite is micronized with a high level of kinetic energy, which leads to an increase in reactivity and an increase in the active surface of the particle.

This technology is only to be found in MAAX Detox®. Because of this, its high biological potency is guaranteed.