Clinoptilolite-zeolite is a natural microporous stone of volcanic origin. From a chemical point of view, it is a hydrated „zeo-silicium-mineral-compound“, which is built from the basic building blocks of tetrahedral SiO4- and tetrahedral AlO4-. It is one of the most important components of the earth’s crust.

The crystal lattices of clinoptilolite-zeolite consist of tetrahedral SiO4- and AlO4-, which are connected with each other by oxygen cross-linkages. This produces a complex spatial arrangement of regular hollow spaces. Cations such as calcium, magnesium, sodium potassium and many more are located in these crystal lattices in association with water of crystallisation.

Through a patented and unique production procedure, an unusually large specific surface of approx. 1000 square metres is produced for each gram of clinoptilolite-zeolite. Two main functions are at the forefront in the physical method of action: Ion exchange and adsorption.

Generally, clinoptilolites such as MAAX Detox can exchange their free cations (Na+, K+, Ca2+, Mg2+) with heavy metals, ammonium ions, radioisotopes or other cations (Cd2+, NH4+, Hg2+, Fe3+, Pb2+, Cu2+, Cs+, Sr2+), for which there is a greater selectivity. This is a crucial ability of the clinoptilolite-zeolite. Selectively-preferred ions are adsorbed faster in the lattice. Less preferred cations need more energy and the process occurs more slowly. The clinoptilolite-zeolite carries out the ion exchange reaction fastest of all the natural zeolites. This detoxification mechanism has now been described scientifically from many different angles.


Adsorption ability is associated with the presence of bodily fluids. It is an interactive process between the adsorbent and the adsorbed material, which manifests at the boundary of bodily fluid and the surface of the adsorbent. Van-der Waals forces, physical adsorption (electrostatic correlations based on ion charges) and chemical adsorption (the production of covalent chemical bonds) all play a part. Clinoptilolite-zeolites adsorb low-molecular compounds (such as hydrocarbons, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide) and specific endotoxins. They work as a molecular sieve and adsorb gases and dissolved material of a specific size.


MAAX Detox is a naturally occurring mineral, which is chemically unchanged by the production process. Because it is a natural material, the mineral in the composition always falls within specific boundaries. The high quality of the starting material is continually checked, controlled and validated by the quality assurance team at MAAX LIFE.

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