MAAX Shape products
MAAX Shape products

MAAX Shape


MAAX Shape – balance your weight!

MAAX Shape is a combination of products to support your diet plan and weight loss throughout the day.

MAAX Redux, our highly effective medical device class IIa, made of 100 % pure and organic psyllium husk is complemented by MAAX Slim and MAAX Trace. These two nutritional supplements support the metabolic (ketonic) processes that happen during a diet with low calorie intake.

Supports your diet plan for 30 days.



Lose weight the balanced way!
MAAX Shape supports gently in loosing weight and keeping a healthy lifestyle.
Perfectly harmonized with each other, the ingredients help you achieve your desired
weight over time.

  • MAAX Slim in the morning – for an energetic start into the diet day.
  • MAAX Redux at lunch – for long-lasting satiety.
  • MAAX Trace in the evening – for harmonizing your acid-base balance and supporting fat loss.