Can’t lose weight? Heavy metal intoxication might be the reason.

The WHO (World Health Organization) warns that chronic diseases are rapidly becoming epidemic worldwide. Escalating rates of neurocognitive, metabolic, autoimmune and cardiovascular diseases cannot be ascribed only to genetics, lifestyle, and nutrition; early life and ongoing exposures, and bioaccumulated toxicants such as heavy metals may also cause chronic disease.[1]

Heavy metals enter your bloodstream e.g. from exposure to traffic fumes, air pollution, food contaminants, cigarette smoke, contaminated water, medical treatments and even cosmetics. These metals then travel throughout your body and penetrate the cells of various tissues and organs, where they can remain stored up for years, especially hiding out in adipose tissue (fat cells).

This is one reason weight loss can sometimes result in acute heavy metal poisoning, as fat cells shrink and release dormant toxins to the blood stream and thus other organs.[2]

Furthermore, due to metabolic and inflammatory effects of the released toxins, your weight-loss efforts are hampered. Your body is confined in a state of weight-loss resistance, wherein the body cannot burn more fat. So, until toxins are not cleared from the body, you will struggle to lose further weight.[3]

Considering the burden of toxins to which people are exposed today and the coinciding obesity epidemic, an effective and safe heavy metal detoxification protocol is needed now more than ever before.

In conclusion, a properly implemented heavy metal detoxification can not only reduce the toxicity for the body, but it is also a key for healing and resetting the hormonal mechanisms necessary for an effective and long-lasting weight loss.