Max Detox mode of action in the gut

Detoxification – Why is it important?

Globalized mass-production and monoculture lead us to a massive increased utilization of pesticides and antibiotics in the production of meat and vegetables. Especially fish is considered as heavily loaded with toxins like mercury and other heavy metals.
Air pollution in many cities brings even more contamination to everyone of us. And even modern but also alternative medicine (e.g. some Asian herbs) can add to our overall cumulative toxication.
Eating fresh and healthy, drinking enough of pure and clean water are most important to our health and well-being. On top of this there are certain natural aids that can help us to excrete these heavy metals and toxins. One of these ‘aids’ is clinoptilolite-zeolite, a high surface mineral of volcanic origin which showed impressive results in many medical and biological studies. MAAX Detox consists of 100% pure clinoptilolite-zeolite which is obtained and optimized with a unique micronization process. In order to preserve the high detoxification potential, MAAX Detox is packaged in daily-dose vacuumed sachets to protect it from air and light.