MAAX Shape®


MAAX Shape® – balance your weight!

MAAX Shape® is a combination of products to support your diet plan and weight loss throughout the day.

MAAX Redux®, our highly effective medical device class I, made of 100 % pure and organic psyllium husk is complemented by MAAX Slim® and MAAX Trace®. These two nutritional supplements support the metabolic (ketonic) processes that happen during a diet with low calorie intake.

Supports your diet plan for 30 days.



Lose weight the balanced way!
MAAX Shape® supports gently in loosing weight and keeping a healthy lifestyle.
Perfectly harmonized with each other, the ingredients help you achieve your desired
weight over time.

  • MAAX Slim® in the morning – for an energetic start into the diet day.
    With its extracts of green tea and green coffee, MAAX Slim gives you the energy to
    activate your metabolism and have a good start into the day. The extracts contain
    polyphenols, so-called phytochemicals, which, according to studies, lead to an
    improvement in fat burning and carbohydrate oxidation and an increased energy
    consumption. B12 contributes at the same time to a normal energy metabolism.
  • MAAX Redux® at lunch – for long-lasting satiety and less hunger.
    No matter which diet regime you follow, our all natural satiety capsules reduce
    hunger at noon. The Indian psyllium seeds swell with liquid in the stomach after
    ingestion and the stomach wall is stretched. As a result, a faster feeling of satiety
    occurs during eating. You reduce your calorie intake, keep the blood suger at a lower
    level and thus increase the fat metabolism during daytime.
  • MAAX Trace® in the evening – for harmonizing your acid-base balance and supporting fat loss.
    By reducing the calorie intake during the diet, the acid-base balance may become
    unbalanced. Usually during the course of the day, this important balance for the
    metabolism is in a state of disproportion. Often this leads to a stop of the desired
    fat burning. With MAAX Trace, you prevent this unwanted “side effect”. Amongst
    others, it contains the trace element zinc which is involved in acid secretion via
    the kidneys. An active metabolism helps during the diet and support your body in
    reducing unwanted fat. And at the same time the fibers of the prickly pear in MAAX
    Trace stimulate digestion.