Detoxify, slim and care your body naturally! MAAX LIFE presents a line of all-natural body products that harness the power of nature to help you achieve your best health.

MAAX Detox®

Our highly-effective medical product class I for detoxifying the body.

As a strong adsorber, MAAX Detox® purges heavy metals and toxins from the body and thus relieves physical discomfort, oxidative stress and weight-loss resistance. Many customers report improved performance and less tiredness.

Free radicals damage numerous cell structures and thus accelerate the ageing process of the cells. As a highly-effective antioxidant, MAAX Detox® reduces oxidative stress. Antioxidants are an important component in maintaining the human immune system. They strengthen the defences of the organism and partially prevent the oxidation of the cells and thus the physical ageing process.

Heavy metals (amongst other things) affect hormones and create hormonal imbalances that lead to weight-loss resistance. MAAX Detox® eliminates heavy metals from the body and helps you in your goal of fat burning and lasting weight loss.

MAAX Detox® contains a natural, micronised clinoptilolite-zeolite of very high purity. Our unique production process increases the adsorbability of the mineral (a 30-fold increase in the surface compared to standard, non-activated zeolites). In addition, our clinoptilolite-zeolite is high energetically charged for strong ion-exchange capability (potassium, sodium, magnesium and calcium exchange).

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MAAX Redux®

Support your diet plan with psyllium husk.

MAAX Redux®, based on the Indian plant psyllium husk, is a highly effective, all natural and organic appetite suppressant. Taken with water, psyllium husk swells in your stomach and makes you feel fuller.

It also slows the movement of food from your stomach into the intestines, thereby making you feel full for a longer period and increasing appetite-suppressing signals. Furthermore it helps harmonizing bowel movement and calms your bowel mucosa to reduce bloating and intestinal gas.

Combined with probiotics in supports a good microbiotic flora within your intestine and colon.
MAAX Redux® helps to curb cravings and is a natural aid within a diet plan for obesity.

MAAX Shape®

Balance your weight loss and improve gut health.

MAAX Shape® supports you gently in loosing weight and improving your intestine and colon health.

The products in this set are carefully chosen and harmonized with one another to support a balanced weight loss. They take into account the daily rhythm of the metabolism during the diet and prevent possible negative influences.

MAAX Shape® consists of 3 products:

  • MAAX Slim in the morning helps you to activate your metabolism and fat burning right at the beginning of the day.
  • MAAX Redux at lunch time reduces your hunger, keeps your blood suger levels low (for better fat burning) and improves bowel functionality.
  • MAAX Trace in the evening harmonizes your acid-base balance for prolonged fat burning and adds probiotics for supporting your bacterial gut flora.

MAAX Collagen®


Innovative Healthy-Aging from Inside! New and improved protein formula with zinc and the vitamins C, E and B6.
Collagen is an extracellular structural protein, a protein responsible for the strength and flexibility of connective tissue & skin. It accounts for up to 30% of the protein of humans.



MAAX DermX® is a unique composition with carefully selected
natural raw materials known for their positive effects on the skin

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