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committed to natural medicine and healthy aging

MAAX Life® is a medical company committed to natural medicine and healthy aging. Our mission is to develop the highest quality science-based natural remedies and nutritional supplements for premium facilities where health, healthy aging, beauty and wellbeing are top priorities. Best service and MAAXimum customer satisfaction are our DNA. Highest quality of our products with the best standards and greatest appreciation for our customers, that is our mission to which we feel committed.

In 2015 MAAX Life® was founded by our CEO Dr. med. Markus Blanke. Being influenced by his medical background, he knows the human body is a complex system which needs good care to stay healthy. Inspired by his efforts to find the best alternatives to conventional medicine and the belief that nature provides us with many things we need to self-heal, transform and beautify our body, MAAX Life was born.

natural, highly potent ingredients

We strongly believe that nature gives us the best answers for maintaining our health, youth and beauty.

Because health is the greatest good, we attach great importance to the fact that the manufacturers of our products only use the best ingredients, of whose benefits and quality we are absolutely convinced.

No animal testing. No harmful or dangerous chemicals. Use only what mother nature gave us. We promote our products because we believe in them and we stand behind our product.

Why "Made in Germany" matters

For us this stands for quality and innovation. Our commitment is to bring innovative and reliable products to people that are beneficial for their health and that they can rely on.

German products are associated with quality and safety worldwide because numerous institutions in Germany oversee the safety and reliability of technologies and manufactured goods.

All of the products we sell are CE certified as Class I medical devices.


For centuries, outstanding foods and valuable plant substances that naturally enhance and maintain our health and vitality have existed in all regions of the world.

With our products, we strive to come as close as possible to this ancient wisdom.

We follow a simple philosophy: everything we do meets the MAAX standards of naturalness, purity, and quality. We pursue this ideal at all levels, with meticulous care, down to the smallest detail.

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