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Maax Detox®

MAAX DETOX® is based on purified, micronized clinoptilolite-zeolite from premium volcanic sources. The unique absorbent properties of the zeolite crystal lattice strongly bind heavy metals, neurotoxic ammonia and other toxins.

MAAX DETOX® is a highly effective medical product class I. It comes in a monthly package of 30 individual sachets - each taken orally either ½ hour before the first meal, or after the last meal.

benefits of Daily use

• Absorb heavy metals
• Bind free radicals in the body
• Relief of the metabolism

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BINDING Toxins with natural power

MAAX Detox Causes a significant reduction in the body's exposure to ammonium and heavy metals, especially lead, cadmium and mercury. This relieves the metabolism of the liver, kidneys, pancreas and blood.

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Natural cleansing minerals

MAAX Detox is made of 100% Clinoptilolite-zeolite, a natural microporous stone of volcanic origin. Due to its microporous character Zeolite acts like an absorbent sponge.

• Adsorption and selective ion exchange
• Reduction in free radicals


Reduction of ammonium and heavy metals associated with the
food to be ingested.

Typical symptoms of increased pollution in the body are e.g. nausea, vomiting, chronic fatigue, exhaustion, headaches, migraines, difficulty concentrating and sleep disorders.

Unless not prescribed otherwise by your physician or therapist, take 1 sachet a day, 30 minutes before the main meal.

Dissolve each sachet (8 g) in at least 200 mL still water and drink it in small sips after stirring.

One sachet contains 8 g of highly effective clinoptilolite-zeolite.

Ensure adequate hydration in the form of water or non-alcoholic beverages because insufficient hydration can lead to constipation.

The product is free of gluten and lactose, suitable for vegetarians and vegans. 100 % pure and natural, contains no chemicals.

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maax detox

Zeolite Binding Effect

Unique granulation and production

Because health is the greatest good, we attach great importance to the fact that the manufacturers of our products only use the best ingredients, of whose benefits and quality we are absolutely convinced.

We place special importance on the unique, airtight packaging process of our manufacturer. This contributes significantly to the high quality and potency of MAAX Detox®.

In the manufacturing process, clinoptilolite-zeolite is micronized with a high level of kinetic energy, which leads to an increase in reactivity and an increase in the active surface of the particle. Because of this, its high biolgical potency is guaranteed.

Scientific Background

The maax effect in the case of demineralisation

Demineralisation (de- = to remove or reduce) is a permanent shift in the balance of minerals and, therefore, the electrolyte balance.

Demineralisation is a change, impairment or delay in the balance of elements (electrolyte balance). It is caused, for example, by an excess of so-called contaminant ions (lead, mercury, nitrate, nitrogen oxide etc.) taking up the space in which magnesium, potassium, calcium and other minerals should be docked to regulate the electrolyte balance.

This results in the systemic interaction between the individual elements being disrupted. Using the selective ion exchange of MAAX Detox®, which contains over 30 minerals, it is not just toxins which are bound and removed. Urgently required essential minerals are also supplied to the human body.

As a result, the mineral-electro-metabolism is normalised again. No other detox product in the world has this property.


MAAX Detox® is a highly effective mineral of volcanic origin that binds toxins inhaled through pollution or ingested with food, medication or cosmetics. It strongly absorbs heavy metals such as lead, mercury and cadmium as well as metabolic waste products like ammonium. In use, MAAX Detox® has two primary functions: Selective ion exchange and adsorption!

Selective ion exchange causes toxins found in the human body to be strongly attracted to the crystal lattice tubules, whereby the cations present in the tubule (Na+, Mg++, etc.) are preferentially attracted by the electric charges of body substances. Absorption binds the toxins in the crystal lattice system from MAAX Detox® and renders these harmless.

These are then expelled from the body in the stool. Within the context of the ion exchange, the SiO4 found in MAAX Detox® crystal lattice enters the human body and is transferred into colloidal SiO2, which is bioavailable in this form. In this way, SiO2 is integrated into the process of protein synthesis (the creation of proteins) and contribute to cell and tissue regeneration.

Clinoptilolitezeolite from mining regions with the highest level of purity in the world

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